Genesis 1

I never get tired of reading this chapter! On the opening page of the Bible, our first glimpse of God is the Great Creator. He stepped out of nothing and made everything. With a word He pierced the darkness with light. At His command, trillions of tiny, glowing photons appeared and organized (v.3).

At His word, oceans, dry land, and skies appeared. Massive galaxies exploded into the vast, dark expanse of space. A mind-blowing variety of plants and animals spontaneously appeared, each with the built-in capacity to reproduce (v.11, 22).

And then came the pinnacle of God’s creation: human beings. Every created thing, from salt crystals to stink bugs to Mt. LeConte, testifies to the creative power of God. But only one creation, humanity, bears His image.

It is a powerful chapter, and an inspiring place to begin a year-long journey through Scripture. But SO WHAT!! How is this information supposed to help me today? What am I supposed to DO with it?

As we begin this year in God’s Word, remember that the goal of Bible reading is APPLICATION, that life-changing truth which will bring about change in your attitudes and actions. And the quickest way to get to application is to ask questions.

Look back at the list of APPLICATION questions (on the website or your reading guide). A couple of them are helpful for this chapter:

Is there a LESSON to be learned? Absolutely! We learn a fundamental principle about how God works here: first He forms, then He fills. On day 1 He formed day and night (started the earth spinning on its axis), then on day 4 He filled the day with the sun and the night with the moon and stars. On day 2 He formed the sky and seas, then on day 5 He filled the sky with birds and the seas with marine life. On day 3 He formed the dry land, then on day 6 He filled it with animals and man. He formed man, then filled him with “the breath of life.”

Is there a TRUTH to believe? Yes, and it’s an awesome one! You were created in the image of God (v.26-27), meaning that you have the capacity to know Him, to have a relationship with Him, to return His love. Take advantage of that today as you spend time with Him!

To help you appreciate the wonder of God’s creative power today, follow this link and enjoy “Indescribable”…