Genesis 3

Today on the second day of 2013 we read about the most tragic day in human history. As the chapter opens, everything is perfect. The man and the woman had a perfect home, a perfect relationship, and perfect fellowship with God. Every need was perfectly met.

But then sin slithered in. The devil tempted the couple, lying and twisting God’s words (he is still doing that today). Adam and Eve gave in, rationalizing their reason for breaking the one rule God gave them.

Shame and fear immediately replaced innocence and purity (v.9-10). Adam and Eve immediately tried to deflect their personal guilt by blaming each other (v.12-13). And the consequences of the Fall immediately took effect (v.14-19), curses that would be lifted only by the death of Jesus (foreshadowed in v.15).

As I read this, I am shocked by the damage done to the relationship between God and man when Adam and Eve chose to sin. And I am shocked by the damage done when I choose to disregard God’s Word and disobey God’s will. When I sin, I lose every time.