Exodus 2

We are introduced to Moses when he is born to Amram and Jochebed. The couple already had two children, Miriam and Aaron (Numbers 26:59). It was a dangerous time to be a Jewish baby boy in Egypt. According to 1:22, every Egyptian was under orders to drown them.

When Jochebed could no longer hide her three-month old son, she devised a plan to save him. It was a risky plan: what if the little ark sprung a leak? What if Moses squirmed and capsized it? And weren’t there crocodiles in the Nile? But Jochebed committed her son to God’s care.

As Miriam watched, Pharaoh’s daughter drew Moses out of the water (“Moses” sounds like the Hebrew for “draw out”). She adopted him as her own son and hired Jochebed to nurse him! I love it when a plan comes together!

Moses grew up in luxury, with all the wealth and privilege of the royal family. Acts 7:22 says, “And Moses was instructed in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.” In spite of his Egyptian indoctrination Moses was well aware of his heritage, and the oppression of his people affected him. When he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, he was so enraged that he killed the Egyptian on the spot, burying his body in the sand. The next day he saw two Hebrews fighting and tried to break them up. They turned on him, sarcastically asking if Moses would kill them as he had the Egyptian.

When news of the incident reached Pharaoh, he determined to kill him. Moses ran, settling in Midian. An act of kindness (v.17) brought him into the family of Reuel (a.k.a. Jethro, 3:1), “the priest of Midian,” who apparently served the God of Abraham.

Moses settled into the humble life of a shepherd and started raising a family. For forty years he worked in obscurity, leading his sheep. It was good preparation for his next forty years of leading God’s people.

Back in Egypt, the Israelites were suffering. They began to cry out to God to rescue them. He responded to their cries — and He will hear yours, too. God knew what they were going through, and He was preparing His man to deliver them. He will deliver you, too! Cry out to Him, trust Him. God responds to our faith and desperation.