Luke 7

The story of the centurion of Capernaum in verses 1-10 is an amazing miracle. Without a word Jesus completely healed the servant who was nearly dead. That is amazing! But that’s not the only amazing thing in the passage. Verse 9 says that Jesus “marveled” — He was amazed by the centurion’s faith.

I wonder, is there anything amazing about my faith? Anything about the way I live, the way I pray, the things I attempt that would cause the Son of God to “marvel”? Do I have faith that He can work a miracle — faith enough to ask Him for one?

There is a difference in having beliefs and having faith. Faith says, “Just say the word, Jesus (v.7), and it will be done!”

Soon afterward Jesus and His large group of followers encountered a funeral procession. Jesus said something absurd to the mother of the deceased young man: “Do not weep” (v.13). The woman had every right to cry; she needed to cry. She had already lost her husband, and now her son was gone, leaving her alone. Why would Jesus say something so insensitive to her?…

…Unless He was planning to do something to take away her reason to cry. And He did! Jesus stopped the procession, spoke to the dead body, and absolutely ruined the funeral! (When the guest of honor comes back to life, the funeral is officially over.) That’s my Jesus — reversing the curse of death, blessing the broken-hearted, taking away the cause of tears, and turning funerals into worship services (v.16).

If I serve a God who can do all that, then I resolve that today I will exercise greater faith. I will pray more confidently. I will set my sights on greater expectations. I will make more audacious requests of Jesus.

I want God to get more glory than He is getting (v.16). I want reports of the power of Jesus to spread (v.17). I want His name to have greater fame. So amazing faith is what I’m shooting for. Join me?

[Note: I will be preaching from the remainder of this chapter on Sunday. See you then!]