Luke 18

This chapter signals that the Kingdom of Christ is not like the kingdoms of this world. In this world the strong rule over the weak and the weak get taken advantage of. The rich and powerful people get it all and the little people get left out.

In this world an insignificant person is at the mercy of the “system,” but in Christ’s Kingdom there are no insignificant people. He is attentive to our cries for help (v.1-8).

In this world those who promote themselves get noticed, but in Christ’s Kingdom it is the humble who are heard (v.9-14). In this world education, experience, and sophistication open doors, but in Christ’s Kingdom those who are childlike and innocent get called to the front (v.15-17).

In this world security is attained by hanging on to what you have, but in Christ’s Kingdom security is gained by letting go. Whatever we lose in following Jesus will be replaced “many times more” in heaven (v.18-30). In this world the people with inconvenient problems and nuisance needs are silenced and marginalized, but in Christ’s Kingdom they are recognized and listened to and made to be trophies of grace (v.35-43).

In this world suffering and death are avoided at all costs, but Jesus went to Jerusalem knowing what awaited Him: mocking, humiliation, beatings, and death (v.31-34). But He went there willingly, knowing what His suffering would accomplish and knowing that His resurrection would reverse the curse of death.

That may have gone over the disciples’ heads, but we understand, don’t we? That reality — the gospel — gives us hope and life! Live in that reality today, and enjoy your place in the wonderful Kingdom of Christ.