Psalm 23

This psalm is one of the most well-known passages in the Bible. Countless Christians have memorized it and found comfort in its simple, beautiful words.

It is fitting that David, who was once a shepherd, used the metaphor of God as the shepherd of his life. David knew what it took to properly care for sheep. He knew that sheep rely on the shepherd for everything — food and water, protection from predators, and leadership through unfamiliar terrain. That is the way David saw himself, as a sheep, relying totally on His shepherd’s care.

Notice the relationship of the shepherd to the sheep in the psalm. It is a picture of your relationship with God:

He is over the sheep as they lie down (v.2).

He is in front of the sheep as He leads them to quiet streams and down the right paths (v.2-3).

He is beside the sheep as they walk through the valley of death and dying (v.4).

He is behind the sheep as He follows them, encouraging them to keep going and having mercy when they mess up (v.6).

Best of all, the shepherd brings His sheep safely home to dwell in His house (heaven) forever (v.6).

No matter where you go today, your Shepherd has you covered! You don’t have to be afraid of anything today. Just trust Him.