Proverbs 7

Building on the teaching of chapters 5 and 6, Solomon offers another strong warning against adultery and a plea for sexual integrity. Godly wisdom is the key to avoiding the trap of sexual sin (v.1-5).

Verse 7 says it is the “simple” person who is most susceptible to sexual temptation. To be “simple” is to be naïve, impressionable, highly influenced, and not influential. The simple are passive and they are not discerning, just drifting through life and going whichever way the wind blows them. Without the wisdom of God, there is no anchor for their soul, there is no conviction, there is no guiding reality, there is no truth by which they evaluate anything. The simple person is just carried along by whatever crowd they happen to be with and by whatever emotion they feel at the moment. One thing you learn in Proverbs is that the road of life is full of people who give bad advice — but the simple person can’t tell the difference in bad advice and good.

Consequently, when the simple person encounters the immoral woman of verses 10-23, he is defenseless against her seduction. He does not think about the implications of his actions. His only thought is to gratify his glandular urges. Without the wisdom of God he does not think ahead. He is not the only one, as she would have him believe, but one of many sexual partners (v.13-15, 26). Whatever they shared together was not special to her at all. The love that she promised would “fill” him was not love — not even close — and would leave him empty (v.18). He will likely have to deal with her husband when he returns and finds out (v.20). Worst of all, he does not know that he has spent his honor on a few moments of fun, and he would never get it back. Part of his life is gone, and what he thought would make him feel more alive has actually stolen life from him (v.22-23).

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Solomon chose the sin of adultery to illustrate the dead-end life of the person who rejects God’s wisdom, but we could apply it to any sin: greed giving way to unethical business practices, entertainment that becomes an idol, lying that spins an impossible web of deception, experimentation that turns into substance abuse, and the list goes on and on. Without the protection of the wisdom of God (from the Word of God), I could fall for just about anything. Wisdom sets the boundaries that keep my heart from straying (v.25).