Proverbs 8

In this chapter and the next, godly wisdom is personified as a woman. She stands at the crossroads of humanity and calls out for people to come to her and learn wisdom, understanding, and truth (v.2). She calls to the “simple ones”, those who have no guidance system for their lives; she calls to the “fools”, those who intentionally, purposefully rebel against God (v.5). For those who will listen to her, Wisdom will teach them what is right (v.6-9). She will teach them to be strong (v.14), honorable (v.18), and right with God and man (v.20).

The same Wisdom that called out in Solomon’s day still calls out today. It is still the same — same holy standard of right and wrong, same hatred of sin and wickedness, same code of righteousness breathed by Holy God and recorded in Holy Scripture. In fact, it has always been the same from the beginning of time! The wisdom you read in your English Bible existed long before the English language. It was the truth “before the beginning of the earth” (v.23), before the natural world was created and before the first humans thought their first thoughts.

Though this wisdom is as old as God, it has not evolved through history, has not changed with the times, and has not morphed to fit in with the present culture. It is forevermore real and relevant…and available. You can find it, and you must find it if you want to “obtain favor from the Lord” (v.35). Answering Wisdom’s call means taking the time to listen, meeting God daily in His Word (v.34). Your commitment to that pursuit will produce the “enduring wealth” of wisdom, which is worth more than anything (v.18-19). I hope this blog encourages you in your pursuit of wisdom.