Romans 8

Romans 8 has been called the greatest chapter in the Bible. On the landscape of Scripture it is a Mt. Everest of truth, a Pacific Ocean of encouragement, and a Mariana Trench of doctrine. It begins with no condemnation in verse 1 and ends with no separation in verse 39, and in between it covers the spectrum of salvation’s effect on the believer and the extent of God’s love for His people.

For those who have trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Law can no longer condemn us (v.1-11). On the cross Jesus took all the condemnation we deserved, redeeming us from the curse of sin and the deadness of our humanity and freeing us to really live. His Spirit enters in and takes up residence in out mortal bodies. God in me…what a thought!

Salvation means becoming a child of God, adopted into His faith-family (v.15-16). Though God could justly save us and then enslave us, He instead adopts us as the sons and daughters of His love. What a Savior!

The great future hope for believers is the final redemption of our bodies and of the created world when Jesus returns (v.18-25). On that day everything sin has touched will be redeemed, restored, and recreated. What a day that will be!

Until that day, life will surely be hard — but we can be assured of these things involving all three Persons of the Trinity:

THE HOLY SPIRIT prays for us when we are so weakened by the pressures of life that we can’t even pray (v.26-27).

THE LORD JESUS loves us with an unstoppable love (v.34-39). Nothing can stop the power of His love: no pain, no crisis, no enemy, no force in heaven or earth — not even death! No matter who, no matter what, no matter where, you are loved.

GOD THE FATHER has plans for us — good plans (v.28-32). His plans for us began long before we were born when He decided beforehand to save us and to transform us self-seeking sinners to Christ-conforming saints. Everything we go through in life plays into His plan, even the hurtful and ugly things. They all “work together for good” somehow. What a great God!