1 Corinthians 2

When Paul planted the church in Corinth during his second missionary journey (see Acts 18:1-17), he did so using the only tool necessary: the gospel of Jesus Christ. As he simply shared the simple message of the cross in the power of the Holy Spirit, souls were saved, lives were transformed, and a church was formed. Although Paul was a brilliant scholar, a trained rabbi, and a skilled orator who was capable of “lofty speech” (v.1), he kept his message clear and plain. He knew that clever wording and slick presentations cannot save the lost — the saving power is in the mere gospel set on fire by the Holy Spirit.

The gospel is simple enough to be understood by children as well as adults, the uneducated as well as the educated. But the gospel is also deep — so deep that we will never plumb its depths this side of heaven. It is the “secret and hidden wisdom of God” (v.7).

Paul explained that the wisdom of the gospel is a mystery that is only revealed by the Spirit of God (v.10-13). Apart from the Spirit the gospel is nonsense (v.14). The person with the highest IQ won’t comprehend it without faith. But to the person who will respond to the message of the cross with simple, childlike faith, the truth that was hidden will be revealed and salvation will follow.

When it comes to sharing the gospel, this is an important truth to remember. You don’t have to be a seminary-trained Bible scholar to share the gospel. You don’t need a communications degree to articulate the power of the cross. You just need to talk about the gospel that saved you. The Holy Spirit will infuse your words with power and use them to bring glory to Jesus.

Stop right now and pray for an opportunity to do that today. Like Paul in Corinth, you may do it “in weakness and in fear and in much trembling” (v.3), but the power of the simple message you share will more than overcome what you lack. You do the sharing — God will do the saving!