1 Kings 9

Solomon was a man of action. He seems to have been project-oriented and personally involved in his many building enterprises. His life must have been an endless series of meetings with construction foremen (550 of them according to v.23), craftsmen, and suppliers. The amount of planning that had to go into his building projects, combined with his on-site inspections, consumed his life. He made major improvements to the capitol city and built supply centers and military bases (v.15-19). He had an enormous staff to manage and a demanding schedule to keep. Solomon was busy busy busy.

In the middle of his busyness the Lord appeared to him with a wake-up call. He reminded the king that what mattered most was not what he was accomplishing, but what he was becoming: “Walk before Me…with integrity of heart” (v.4). Solomon’s most important project was to be his pursuit of God, centering his personal life around the Word of God and the will of God. If he “turned aside from following” the Lord, his impressive accomplishments would be forgotten and his great buildings would “become a heap of ruins” (v.6-8). God was certainly concerned with the quality of Solomon’s work but He was supremely concerned with the quality of Solomon’s heart.

And that’s the way it is in the Christian life. Being always comes before doing. Relationship always comes before responsibility. Who I am becoming in Christ is my primary concern — what I am doing for Christ will flow from my relationship with Him. I have found that there is a tremendous difference in being a worker for God and a friend of God.

Think about this today: in the busyness of your projects, your plans, and your activities, is there any room for God? What are you doing to develop and strengthen your relationship with Him? How about your heart…is there integrity and uprightness there (v.4)?