Esther 6

It was late at night in the city of Susa, capital of ancient Persia. In the Jewish homes across the city, families were praying for God to save them from death. By decree of the king, all Jews were to be killed on a certain day — it would mean the end of their race.

In the royal harem, Queen Esther was perhaps up late, planning the events of the following day — it would be the most important day of her life. She would risk her life by revealing her Jewish heritage and pleading with the king to spare her and her people.

In the home of the Prime Minister, Haman had fallen asleep, comforted by his plans to kill Mordecai, the man he hated, on the following day. The revenge would be sweet: first thing in the morning, Haman would easily get the king to sign off on Mordecai’s execution; by the next night, his enemy’s dead body would be suspended from the newly-constructed 75-foot gallows just outside Haman’s house. “If that arrogant Jew won’t bow before me in respect,” Haman thought, “then he will hang before me in shame.”

In the king’s residence, Ahasuerus was unable to sleep and decided to have his servants read to him from the royal records. From reports that went back five years, they read about a man who had saved the king’s life by discovering an assassination plot (see 2:19-23), yet he had never been rewarded. That man was Mordecai. Then and there the king determined to correct the oversight and reward him as soon as possible.

When Haman came seeking permission to kill Mordecai, he was sent away with orders to honor him! Instead of hanging the man he hated, he had to personally dress him in the king’s robes, personally lead his royal mount through the city square, and personally shout the king’s proclamation of honor. It was a bad day all around for Haman. He went home a defeated man. The tables had been turned; it all seemed like a horrible mistake.

But behind the scenes, God had orchestrated every move. It was God who caused the king to be unable to sleep. It was God who made the royal readers turn to the one page that recorded Mordecai’s good deed. It was God who put into the king’s mind the idea to honor Mordecai immediately. And it was God who humbled the wicked man while exalting the righteous man.

That same God is at work in your life, too. His unseen hand is arranging circumstances and altering situations in order to bless and protect His children. So don’t give up — it’s not time to throw in the towel, it’s time to have faith! Trust the Lord, rest in Him, and watch Him work. He is working all things together for your good and for His glory.