Colossians 3

In this chapter Paul encourages believers to keep their focus on Christ. We are to “set our minds” on heavenly things, such as holiness, grace, the glory of God, and the gospel of Christ (v.2). As we let these eternal priorities fill our thoughts, the priorities of the world will seem more and more out of place in our lives. When we surrender to the rule of Christ more fully, our desire for the things of the world diminishes. In fact, we lose all tolerance for the flesh. We begin to hate the things God hates (see the list of sins in v.5-9) and to want for ourselves that which God wants for us: a psychological overhaul that reorients our thinking altogether (v.10).

This overhaul is possible only when I surrender to the person of Christ and meditate on “the word of Christ” (the teachings of Jesus; v.16). What Christ produces in my life are things that I could never produce (let alone sustain) in my own strength: supernatural love, genuine compassion, true kindness, and a spirit of forgiveness (v.12-14).

The transforming work of Christ in my life will be evident in my closest relationships — especially in my family (v.18-21). Wives who are surrendered to Christ will find the grace to submit to their husbands. Husbands who are surrendered to Christ will find His love flowing through them and into the lives of their wives and children. Outside the home, employees who are surrendered to Christ will find a new reason to do their best on the job, because everything they do is for the glory of their Savior (v.22-24).

What a way to live! This chapter describes life as God created us to live it: living for Christ, with Christ, and in Christ. He truly is “all” (v.11)!