Job 39

In this chapter Job continues to listen as the Lord continues to speak. Job is a broken man, and the voice of the Almighty is a welcome change from the faulty wisdom and the false accusations of his friends. In the previous chapter Job’s notion that the Lord owed him an explanation for his suffering began to unravel. Hearing the Lord recount His creation and control of everything must have made Job feel very small — and that was the point. There is both comfort and clarity in understanding the greatness of God. When we see ourselves in light of who He is we find the grace-perspective: God doesn’t owe me anything and I am not worthy of knowing Him on any level, so the fact that He chooses to reveal Himself to me and to love me is pure grace. I think Job was beginning to understand that. (Note: did you miss God’s “you’re so old” joke yesterday? I did, but I got it today! See Job 38:21, “You’re so old, you remember when I said, ‘Let there be light!'”)

Chapter 39 is surely one of the most interesting sections of this book. In it the Lord asks Job about nine different species of the animal kingdom (if you include 38:39-41). He was making the point that the astounding biodiversity in the world was created by Him and is sustained by Him. Job’s limited understanding of creation further revealed his inability to comprehend God’s ways — much less question them and argue about them.

Along with Job we learn that it is God who provides nourishment for every creature (v.39-41, previous chapter). As Pastor David Platt has noted, “Nature does not survive by natural selection, but by supernatural provision.” God feeds the lion and the raven. We learn that God supervises the reproduction of every species (v.1-4). God attends the birth of every baby mountain goat! We learn that God delights in the freedom of untamed animals (v.5-12). He made the wild donkey wild!

God made the ostrich amazingly swift, apparently because He just like to see it run (v.18). He made horses to be majestic animals (v.19-25), birds to soar to dizzying heights (v.26-28), and scavengers to clean up nature’s crime scenes (v.29-30). And that is just the beginning! Biologists are still discovering new species, like the four new species of legless lizards recently discovered in California. Read about it here.

We serve a God of amazing creative power. He is the source and sustainer of life. He can take care of you today. Will you trust Him?